Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Quick outline

Grace Michaels is a comatose slacker whose mind is linked to that of a pre-Columbian woman named FISHBASHER.

In the years their minds are linked, Grace teaches Fishbasher and her primitive tribe, science and history; enough to give them the power to secretly influence human history.
Written in a conspiratorial reportage style, it follows Kima as this secret country scams aliens, sets up black market deals in China, buys slaves, babies and spies, remaining invisible to all but its own and a handful of intimidated world leaders. The resolution is positive for the main character, Kima.
In the end, time has passed and Kima has entered the 21st century and seeks to meet their founder (and to some degree goddess) Grace: a person now far less advanced than anyone in KIMA.

Kima is about the place, its people and its culture.
The culture is that of the slacker, GRACE, who is the source of all knowledge.

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