Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A review that should be noted

David Arrayet's KIMA was an engaging read to say the least!

If you are someone who needs and/or appreciates a lot of character development than you might be a little frustrated by this novel. It is, however, jam-packed full of plot. The story moves along quickly, jumping centuries and stretching the imagination. So much happens in so short a time that it could do no less than capture your attention. It was at times funny, witty and clever - a subtle satirical farce on our country's present condition. My major complaint about this book was that it was not long enough, as there were events that occur that I would like to have seen expanded and discussed in more detail. Although I think that complaint can only help the readership of the novel for if the reader wants to read more, that can't really be a bad sign! I would recommend KIMA for anyone looking for a short SCI-FI read, or simply looking to expand their imagination. -----Kelsey White

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